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Welcome to www.EEOS.us a site for great facebook images tag your friends facebook images, these images can be used for other sites like tag your friends on myspace too all you have to do is right click then save the image, then upload it to your computer then upload to facebook or myspace then tag your friends. We are a new resource site network for any images to deal with facebook. Our site network includes over 27 images where you can tag your friends please view all our pages with many different images to tag your friends.

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June 5th 2010 -

14 like buttons added 100s more to come -

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like 6 - like 7 - like 8 - like 9 - like 10

like 11 - like 12 - like 13 - like 14 -

Website updated 2nd April 2010

Latest News - April 2nd 2010 -

Seven Reasons NOT to use Chat Roulette

Latest News - August 11th 2009

Hand Written tag your friends notes

Google Chrome vs firefox the best browser

Latest News - August 5th 2009

Facebook has started using CPM advertising.

Also have added a new

tag your friends image a TEXT only version, still quite popular.

Latest News -July 24th 2009

How to delete my Facebook pages created.

Latest News -July 7th 2009

New harry potter tag my friends image, just for the new harry potter and the half blood prince movie -

harry potter and the half bloode prince tag my friends

October 23rd 2009 - new style tag your friends on facebook

facebook tag your friends new style

New image "before 2010 you and I should?"

before 2010 you and I should image

June 15th 2009 -

Australian dating sites review Paid vs. Free will you find love online

May 17th 2009 - Added Super Mario Bros Tag your friends image

March 27th - New Myspace IM a copy of facebook IM

Update March 26th 2009 - 17 new Facebook images added


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(Image 1 - tag your friends on facebook cartoon style)

Tag your friends on facebook who are most likely to...

tag your friends facebook

Tag your friends facebook image

never pays attention., angel, rude facebook pictures

(Image 2 - tag your friends on facebook smiley face style)



smiley facebook tag your friends

Tag your freinds facebook image, the random chinese friend, the freshie, the school chic

(Image 3 -tag your friends on facebook toilet sign style)

the goon, the terrorist, the black supremo,


stick figures facebook tag your friends


Me and my freinds tag your friends image,

the halarious one, the crazy drunk bitch, the herpes whore,

the cute cupple, the cutie pie.

(Image 4 -tag your friends on facebook southpark)


south park style tag your friends

(Image 5 -tag your friends on facebook pokemon style)

Pokemon style facebook tag your friends

pokemon tag your friends

(Image 6 - tag your friends on facebook Aladdin disney)

Disney style facebook tag your friends pooh, the lion king facebook

aladin facebook tag your friends

(Image 7 - tag your friends on facebook MR HAPPY)

the drama queen, the slow one, the innocent one, the geek, the lazy one, the ladies man, the funny guy, the annoying one, the one your can depend on, the stylish one, the innocent one, the grumpy one, the gangster.

MR me mr happy facebook pictures

(Image 8 - tag your friends on facebook CLASS IBS)

Every class has IB's, bullies, musicians, class bunkers, sk8r boys, desperates, clowns of the class, vain, bffs, copying machines and more tag your class mates.

IBS tag me facebook

(Image 9 - tag your friends on facebook tag your friends personalities

Hello Kitty style tag your friends)

the hot one, the evil mastermind, the confused one, the party animal, the referee, the smart one, the loud one, the fatty, the good driver, the quite one, the innocent one then arrogant one.

tag me facebook

super Mario Brothers Tag your friends (right click save as) (then upload to facebook and tag your friends too easy) bullet facebook, mario kart.

super mario brothers tag your friends

September 14th 2009 -

 A Brand new image for Harry Potter fans tag your friends

harry potter tag me


Common User problems on facebook comming soon -

Other news -

April 2nd 2009

what is twitter

Twitter is a Micro blogging website where you
can updated "what you are doing"
the aim of this site is to have a micro blog
with a constant update by the user on their mobile device
or computer, people use twiter to gain as many friends as they
can. Twitter is a good site becuase it is full of celbs
you can follow your favorite politician or sports star
and get up to date feeds on what they are doing.
Twitter has defiantly exploded in terms of traffic in the
last 2 months, a site which 3 years ago was unknown
today twitter is one of the top 50 websites in the USA
with huge exposure on prime time tv, talk shows, radio, blogs
and many other media.

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