Australian dating sites review Paid vs. Free will you find love online


I decided to conduct a little bit of research on the following 3 sites been fairly attractive 21 year old single male, I had no idea what I was install for?

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The three sites in which I decided to conduct my research on where the following Australian based websites with a worldwide presence.




Alexa worldwide: 20,147

Alexa Australia : 222






Alexa worlwide: 19,540

Alexa Australia: 245




Alexa Worldwide: 350

Alexa Australia: 298


(1) Adult match maker is a paid website, it’s quite a good money making venture for the people at Giga who own the website and also some other dating websites in Australia. Basically it is free to join, free to look at profiles, free to send “winks”.

   Yet the problem is if you’re a guy you basically have no way of contacting girls on the site as all the girls are not paid members they are “trial members” which limits their account dramatically, so the site is based on the concept that guys have to pay for member ships which then girls are aloud to reply to messages for free.

If you are a Trial member and a guy this site is basically a waste of time for you because you will only have guys and old ladies contacting you, so guys be prepared to get out your credit card or pay by postage paid.

From the age ranges 18-24 the number of girls with paid accounts would be below 500 I guess, this is quite alarming if you think there is a total member base of over 1.8 million users, funny thing is that you think how many guys will be trying to contact girls in that demographic its quite alarming, I see some girls profiles who don’t even have pictures saying they receive 500 messages a week.

So I felt to truly interact with this research I needed to pay for a 3 month member ship, my choice was a silver member ship for 3 months which was a total of $76 hard earned dollars just so I could have a better search ranking and send a amazing total of 4 messages a day and 6 winks a day.

Overall there are a fair amount of girls who will have some fun with you for free, apart from the sign up cost so overall it probly is worth paying a little if your getting a little, My recommendation is a silver account for the best value.


(2) Oasis active was my second choice is a free website for online dating it came to my attention after seeing numerous advertising campaigns on TV for the website, a another site which profiles via advertising revenue. Basically it is quite a nice site in design their seems to be no catches at all in terms of hidden costs like seen with adult match maker.

The way this site works if you can browse profiles but to actually contact members of the opposite sex they need to add you to their account. You have to request people and if they like what they see they either accept or reject the incoming request.

After 2 days of been a member I had 6 girls on my account you can chat to them all similar to MSN/AIM message which is quite convenient.

Oasis active defiantly seemed to have the best Australian presence out of the 3 sites I conducted research on having a very large member base, there was also large numbers of local girls which were 5km-10km away from me.


(3) Plenty of fish was the final website I looked at basically its another free online dating site which is very popular on a world wide level, the owner Marcus Fiend runs this site with only a very small number of employees and makes 20 million + profit a year well enough with the boring talk.

Plenty of fish is another 100% free site basically you can do any thing on the site contact members, send messages, reply to messages and there is no cost you also don’t have to apply to request to people.

Sure I bet it is not a very good idea for the 1000s of cute girls who receive 100s of messages a day. But in terms of user base plenty of fish defiantly has a very large user base with many users from various countries.

Overall after researching the member base their seemed to be not many girls in the 18-21 demographic most the Australia members seem to be older, their also seems to be a lot of activates going on for the older guys and girls.

Sure enough I had a few girls similar to my age contact me, another funny thing I had a few underage girls contact me, bit funny that underage girls would try and use a sites that’s meant for 18+ user but I guess you cant stop them.



more coming soon.

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