Google Chrome vs. Fire Fox which is better?

Well this is a questions a lot of people have been asking recently,

with fire fox currently getting over 1 billion downloads,

well I believe that fire fox sucks and I will tell you why -

1) It all ways crashes,

2) It uses way too much memory

3) It is all ways having problems.

click to enlarge this image below -

it shows the difference in fire fox usage and google chrome -

Fire fox uses around 600-700,000 of my memory,

yet google chrome uses much less, and I was using around 8 windows open in chrome with many different applications even 3 you tube videos.

To change to chrome go to and download it, my advice is its 100% worth it fire fox is out of date and sucks, I have not had any issues yet with chrome yet just I am missing the fire fox add on's, also you can import all your history and favorites from fire fox too which is great.

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