Seven Reasons Not to use Chat Roulette

Well if you have not heard of the internet phenomenon that has been around since last last year, where have you been hiding? Chat Roulette is now one of the largest sites in the world after only a very short period of time. What it does is place you up with a random from any where in the world! The reason of this article is to show you that every one on Chat Roulette is not nice here are seven reasons why not to use chat roulette! I was going to make it eight reasons not to use chat roulette but that would have to involve some nudity.

Reason 1 -  Weird guys from overseas, as you can see these girls are trying to have a nice conversation, then these two weird looking foreign guys come straight on and say "show me boobs"...

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Chat Roulette guys

Reason 2 - Social media is just weird with old people this grandma try's to be COOL on Chat Roulette, NO Grandma!!! Gradma should get nexted (nexted is when you hit next on Chat Roulette) to find another random person.

grandma chat roulette

Reason 3 - Weird lil young kids, This kid is like 8 years old, the age limit is 16!! Go play with your LEGO young kid chat roulette is too X rated for YOU!!!

babe chat roulette

Reason 4 - Old MEN trying to chat to young girls!!! Another funny thing on chat roulette is the amount of old guys its crazy!!!

old guy chat roulette

Reason 5 - Weird people in masks and other things!!! Take this guy for example he is in his house why is he dressed like he is about to get swine FLU!!!!

young girls on chat roulette

Reasons 6 - This is another notable nasty on chat roulette you looking for a hottie to chat with and then all of a sudden you find yourself a crazy killer with a mask on!!!

mask chat roulette

Reason 7 - Don't eat food and go on Chat Roulette, this guy looks liek he has a mouth full.

throw up chat roulette


Reason 8 - Too much nudity on Chat Roulette, can not post a  picture here so find out for yourself.






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